We are a boutique consulting agency focussed on assisting businesses set up, operate and navigate the commercial environment. Our services aim to fulfil our growing global clientele run a successful and flourishing business in Sri Lanka and abroad.

From acquisition to project management and growth strategy to process efficiency, ATRIUM Consultancy will advise you in the optimum way.

Acquisition & Sourcing

The first step of owning and operating a business in Sri Lanka can be the most complicated. We will navigate you in setting up your companies, acquiring the land and all relevant documentation.

Concept & Development

Our team of experts conduct studies into the best possible outcome of your project and drive the execution from start to finish and beyond. We will make your dream a reality.

Marketing & Strategy

What we create is beyond branding and into the processes and inner workings of our clients. We don’t just show you fancy slides, we back it up with strategic plans, smart tools and real success.

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